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Slip and Fall Accidents

When building owners fail to keep you safe, we hold them accountable

Falling may seem like an everyday occurrence, but a slip-and-fall accident can be serious business. Depending on your fall, you could be dealing with anything from a sprained ankle to a traumatic brain injury. Falls can cause injuries such as broken bones that take weeks or months to heal, as well as long-term disabilities like paralysis and chronic pain. A simple accident could leave you dealing with the consequences for a long time, or even for the rest of your life.

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain their property to make sure slips and trips do not happen. Failure to clean up spills, repair uneven surfaces and clear trip hazards can lead to serious injuries. If your accident was the result of negligence on the part of the property owner, you may be entitled to compensation through a premises liability claim. However, you'll need an aggressive, determined attorney to argue your case and make sure justice is served.

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    Proving that a property owner failed in his or her responsibility to maintain the premises can be difficult. So can obtaining a reasonable amount of compensation from the owner's insurance company. At theĀ Szantho Law Firm, we know exactly what to do. That's because we have successfully resolved many slip and fall accident cases.

    We can argue on your behalf after your slip-and-fall accident. Our team can investigate the site and interview any witnesses to make sure we have all the facts about your accident. We will search for evidence that shows that the owner of the premises caused the dangerous condition, knew about it or should have known - the legal standard of negligence for slip-and-fall cases.

    Dealing with insurance companies after a slip-and-fall accident can be difficult. They might try to argue that your injuries were not a result of your accident, or that your own irresponsible behavior caused your injury. Attorney Andras Szantho will advocate for you and show that you were not to blame. We can help you obtain a fair settlement. And if the property owner fails to compensate you, we can take them to court. Attorney Szantho is a former New Mexico prosecutor who has extensive courtroom experience and who knows how to win.

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