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Injured due to someone else's negligence? New Mexico personal injury attorney Andras Szantho can help

Personal injury victim with a cast on his arm speaking with doctorAccidents happen. You may have been hurt in a fall at a grocery store, bitten by a dog at a friend's house or injured at a sporting event or another activity. Depending on the injury, you may be dealing with medical bills, physical therapy, time away from work and other expenses. You might even have to make significant lifestyle changes to deal with chronic pain or a permanent disability. That’s when you need an experienced New Mexico personal injury lawyer to fight for your rights.

By law, you are entitled to compensation if your injury was the result of someone else's negligent behavior. To get the compensation you deserve, however, you need to prove that the accident was someone else's fault. In many cases, they'll likely be someone disputing your claim and pointing the finger at you.

Such scare tactics don't intimidate us. Albuquerque personal injury attorney Andras Szantho has years of experience representing injured people during some of the most difficult times of their lives. A former New Mexico prosecutor with extensive courtroom experience, attorney Szantho understands legal system and knows how to build a strong legal case. We can fight for the justice you rightfully deserve.

Moving on after an injury is never easy, but it's much easier with an aggressive New Mexico personal injury attorney on your side. Contact the Szantho Law Firm today and schedule your free case evaluation. Call 866-853-2462.

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    How do I know whether I have a personal injury case?

    In order to successfully obtain compensation for a personal injury claim, you need to prove you were injured as a result of someone else's negligence. In particular, you need to show that a person or business had a responsibility to you, that they failed in that responsibility, and that you suffered a loss as a result of that failure.

    For instance, if you are hurt in a slip-and-fall accident at a store, you may have a personal injury claim against the owner of the store. That's because the store's ownership has a responsibility to maintain a safe environment on the premises.

    Knowing whether a particular personal injury accident qualifies for compensation can be difficult. That's why we want to meet with you and evaluate your case for free. Personal injury attorney Andras Szantho can help you understand whether you have a case and what the best way is to address your accident.

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    Can I file a personal injury claim on my own?

    Person filing a personal injury lawsuit with help from a lawyerIn principle, yes, you can, but the laws governing personal injury accidents in New Mexico are complex. The official paperwork and applications often involved in these cases can also often be confusing. If you miss a deadline, make a mistake on a form or file your claim in the wrong court, it may be difficult or nearly impossible to get the compensation you need after your accident. Attorney Andras Szantho knows the courts from Albuquerque to Santa Fe and throughout New Mexico. He understands how the legal system works and where every form and application needs to be filed. As your legal team, we can make sure your claim is filed properly and gets the attention it deserves. If the insurance company won’t be reasonable and make you a substantial settlement offer, we prepare to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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    How much is my case worth?

    Every personal injury case is different. The amount of compensation you may be eligible to receive depends on the nature of your accident. You may be entitled to a few thousand dollars or perhaps even millions of dollars in damages, the legal term for financial compensation. The compensation you're entitled to receive includes expenses directly related to your accident, including medical bills, physical therapy and lost wages if you were unable to work. You can collect those damages even if you used sick time or had treatment covered by your health insurance - note, however, that your insurance company will ask to be reimbursed.

    In cases involving spinal injuries, brain injuries, injuries requiring amputation and other permanent damage to the body, you may be entitled to greater compensation due to the long-term impact of the accident on your life. For instance, if an accident leaves you disabled and unable to work, you may be entitled to compensation for lost earning potential. Compensation for pain and suffering can also be substantial, especially if the accident leaves you with chronic pain. You may also be eligible for compensation for loss of consortium - that is, an inability to interact with family and friends as you could before the accident - or lost opportunities.

    If your accident was a result of another person's intentional or malicious actions, you might even be awarded punitive damages - that is, damages intended to punish the defendant for particularly egregious behavior.

    All these different types of compensation illustrate why it's important to retain our firm immediately after your accident. Insurance companies may deliberately overlook or downplay some of the compensation you need. They don't intimidate us. We will aggressively fight for every cent you deserve.

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    What if I was partially responsible for my accident?

    New Mexico uses the legal principle of comparative negligence. Basically, that means that if you were partially at fault for the accident, any damages awarded will be reduced according to your amount of comparative fault. For instance, if you are found to be 40 percent responsible for the injury and you are awarded $100,000 in damages, that award will be reduced by 40 percent, leaving you with an actual award of $60,000.

    Accidents involving comparative negligence can be complicated cases. The defense will likely try to argue that you were fully responsible for the accident, meaning the party who caused your injury isn't liable at all. These cases often go to trial. That's why you need attorney Andras Szantho, a former New Mexico prosecutor who thrives in the courtroom. He understands how the legal system works here and he can argue your case in court.

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    Is there a deadline to file for injury compensation in New Mexico?

    Yes, New Mexico has a statute of limitations on filing a personal injury claims as well as wrongful death lawsuits following a fatal accident. Generally, you have three years from the date of the accident or death to file a claim or lawsuit. Three years might sound like a long time, but it’s important for your lawyer to start collecting evidence before it disappears. Remember, witnesses forget things, security camera video is routinely erased, and injuries heal. You also need time to negotiate with stubborn insurance companies. Also, if they try to stall until the statute of limitations is up, you’re going to need time to call them out on their unfair tactic and file a lawsuit.

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    How can you help me deal with insurance companies?

    Insurance companies are constantly looking to settle personal injury claims for as little money as possible. They're adept at finding ways to get injured people to accept small settlements and forfeit their right to additional compensation. An insurance company may deliberately ignore certain aspects of your case, such as lost wages or lost future earnings. They may try to get you to accept a settlement before you've completed your medical treatment and know the full extent of your injury. They may even argue that your injuries weren't a result of your accident but rather due to a pre-existing condition.

    Your initial settlement offer from the insurance company is likely much less than how much they're truly willing to pay. We know how to deal with insurance companies and get the money you deserve. As your New Mexico personal injury lawyer, we can answer questions on your behalf and make sure insurance companies don't pressure you into disclosing information they could use against you. Our legal team will thoroughly investigate your case and pursue every possible source of compensation. We take a hard line when negotiating with law firms. If necessary, we're prepared to bring your case to trial. That's why we have such a strong track record of success.

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    How long will my case take? Do I have to go to court?

    Every personal injury case is different. It's impossible to know ahead of time exactly how long your case will take. Much of the timing depends on the extent of your injuries and how long it takes for you to make a full recovery. The courts have guidelines for reaching a judgment within a reasonable amount of time depending on the complexity of the case. Cases that settle out of court generally take less time to resolve. During our initial consultation, we'll review the circumstances of your case and give you an idea of how long it is likely to take to resolve your specific legal matter.

    Most personal injury cases are resolved before going to trial, which means you will not need to appear in court. Some cases do need to be heard before a jury, however, especially when there is a dispute as to whether the injured person or the defendant was actually at fault for the accident. That's why you need Andras Szantho, an experienced and aggressive trial lawyer, on your side. Even if your case settles out of court, insurance companies will often offer a higher settlement to avoid facing us before a jury.

    After an accident, we understand most people want to settle their case as quickly as possible. Insurance companies know this as well. That's why they often make low-ball offers to injury victims soon after an accident. Don't be tempted to take an offer that doesn't even come close to covering the true cost of your accident. Contact our law firm and put our dedicated legal team to work for you. We will fight for every cent you rightfully deserve. And we will not rest until justice is served.

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