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Talking to Teens About Preventing Holiday Accidents in Albuquerque

New Mexico auto accident attorneyFor teenagers, winter break is a joyous time. Many young people spend the holidays enjoying their time off school, going to holiday parties, and spending time with their friends. While this should be a time to make great memories, unfortunately the holiday season can turn tragic for many individuals and families. The problem: an increased risk of accidents. The holidays are a dangerous time and parents need to talk with their kids about some of the risks that they face during this festive season.  This is especially important as Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates about 250 people a day get hurt during the holiday season.

Parents, first and foremost, need to talk with their kids about driving dangers during the holidays. According to USA Today, there is increased traffic on the roads during the holiday season because many people travel to see friends and relatives. More people, and more congestion, on the road increase the chances of car accidents happening. This is why USA Today warns there are around 250 fatalities and 27,900 injuries in auto accidents over the holidays.

Young teen drivers are at a greater risk than other motorists of getting into accidents at all times of the year, so this added risk during the holidays makes them even more vulnerable. Worse, while many kids are off on holiday break, their parents often still have to work during this time so teens may be driving around unsupervised. Parents need to make sure their children are aware of the dangers of auto accidents and make safe choices. This includes never drinking and driving, or getting into the car with someone who has consumed alcohol. It may also be advisable for parents to set strict rules about the number of teen passengers in the car at one time, since accident rates rise when there are multiple passengers in the car with a new teen driver.

Teens also like to hang around the mall a lot during their time off from school, and many young people will want to hit big holiday events and sales, especially to stock up on items like electronics. Unfortunately, crowd control issues and a risk of violence by opportunistic thieves targeting holiday shoppers can make malls a less safe place during the holidays. Parents should make sure their kids are reminded to be watchful of surroundings if they go to the mall. On the busiest and highest risk shopping days, like Black Friday and Christmas Eve, kids may be better off choosing another place to spend their time as opposed to in overcrowded and potentially dangerous retail stores.

If parents talk with their kids about some of these holiday season risks, hopefully teens will be able to enjoy the holidays without finding themselves in dangerous situations that could change their life, and the lives of their families, forever.

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