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Motorcycle Accidents in New Mexico Often Result in Severe Injury

Biker, a man in the reflection of the mirror in his bike.

Motorcycle accidents are often severe and can lead to life-threatening injuries or fatalities. Given the risks motorcyclists face on the road, spreading awareness about motorcycle safety is crucial, especially with May being Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

To promote safer riding practices and reduce the number of motorcycle accidents, New Mexico partnered with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for a special event in Albuquerque. This event not only celebrated the motorcycle community but also highlighted the importance of motorcycle safety so everyone can share the road safely and responsibly with bikers.

New Mexico's efforts for spreading motorcycle safety awareness

According to KRQE News, New Mexico teamed up with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) for a “RIDE Day” event earlier this month. The two-day event allowed locals to hop on a motorcycle for the first time or for experienced bikers to improve their riding skills.

Ricky Serna, the cabinet secretary of the New Mexico Department of Transportation, emphasized the importance of safe driving practices as the number of motorcyclists increases with warmer weather.

“As the weather warms up and the number of motorcyclists on the road increases, it’s important for drivers of all vehicle types to pay attention, practice safe driving techniques, and take precautions to help prevent crashes,” Serna said in a press release.

Common motorcycle accident injuries

Motorcycles lack protective barriers and are small enough to hide in drivers' blind spots, which can lead to serious motorcycle accidents. Unlike vehicle occupants, motorcyclists are directly exposed to the impact of a crash, turning what might seem like a minor accident into a very serious, potentially life-threatening situation. Here are some injuries bikers commonly suffer after a motorcycle wreck:

  • Fractures/broken bones: The impact of a crash can easily break bones, especially in the arms, legs, and ribs. Broken bones and fractures often occur when a rider is thrown from the bike or pinned under it after an accident.
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs): Even when wearing helmets, riders can suffer concussions and other significant brain injuries when their head strikes the pavement or another object, leading to long-term cognitive and physical impairments.
  • Spinal cord injuries (SCIs): Damage to the spinal cord can occur in high-impact crashes, potentially leading to partial or complete paralysis. These injuries are often caused by sudden and forceful impacts that compress or sever the spinal cord.
  • Soft tissue injuries: These include sprains, strains, and tears in muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Soft tissue injuries can result from the body's violent unnatural movements during a crash or from being struck by debris.
  • Biker’s arm: This injury unique to motorcycle accidents occurs when a rider instinctively uses their arms to brace for impact, leading to nerve damage in the arms and neck. Biker’s arm can result in loss of sensation or movement in the affected areas.
  • Road rash: When riders slide across the pavement, they can suffer severe skin abrasions known as road rash. These injuries range from minor scrapes to deep wounds that may require skin grafts and can lead to infections if not properly treated.

Injured bikers deserve legal help

Injured bikers in New Mexico have rights, and our firm is here to protect them. If you've been hurt in a motorcycle crash in New Mexico, you deserve compensation for all expenses related to your accident.

Unfortunately, obtaining this compensation isn't always straightforward. Insurance companies and other drivers often try to pin the blame on the injured biker, even when it's not their fault. At Szantho Law Firm, we can help you fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

Put an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in your corner. Contact us today for a free consultation. We have offices conveniently located in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

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