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What are Common Causes of Albuquerque Motorcycle Accidents?

Albuquerque motorcycle accident attorneyA motorcycle accident occurred recently in Southwest Albuquerque. KRQE reported the collision was under investigation by the Albuquerque Police Department. Police do not believe that alcohol was a factor in causing the accident, which resulted in the motorcycle rider being hospitalized in critical condition.

The accident occurred at the injection of Blazick SW and Sage.  The preliminary investigation conducted by the police department suggests that the driver of the vehicle involved in the crash was trying to make a left turn from Blazick at Sage. The driver hit a motorcycle rider in the process as the motorcyclist was traveling east on Sage.  This is one of many examples of motorcycle collisions that occur at intersections in Albuquerque each year as drivers try to make left turns.

According to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, left turn accidents like the recent collision in Southwest Albuquerque are actually the most common type of collision involving both a passenger vehicle and a motorcycle. The vast majority of these crashes happen just as this recent collision did: the driver making the left turn hits the motorcycle rider who is going straight.

Other common causes of motorcycle accidents include a motorcyclist driving in the blind spot of a car as the motorcycle and car travel side by side, and crashes caused by conditions on the road. The road conditions that can lead to a crash include bad weather that affects the roads, but also things like debris on the road or a change in the surface of the road. Things that are not a big deal to cars, which are far more stable and which have shocks to shield riders, are a very big deal to motorcyclists.  Bad weather also causes not just problems like slick roads, but also issues with wind. A gust of wind could possibly cause a motorcyclist to move unwittingly across a full lane of traffic.

Drivers should be aware of these common causes of crashes, including motorcycle riders in the blind spot and motorcyclists who are in their path as they make left turns. Many drivers do not really think about the presence of motorcyclists on the road very much, and motorists often have a much harder time noticing a motorcycle rider because the rider and his bike are much smaller than other vehicles on the road.

Drivers are typically advised to "Look twice," which means checking the lane next to them twice before changing lanes and checking twice to make sure a path is clear before pulling out into an intersection.  Drivers often underestimate the speed of a motorcyclist, but at least if the driver takes the time to look carefully, the driver will be better able to spot a motorcyclist who could be in the path of harm.

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