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Anyone Could Be Involved in Albuquerque Motorcycle Accidents

Albuquerque motorcycle accident attorneyThose in law enforcement often see first-hand the devastating impact of motorcycle accidents and other car crashes. Most law enforcement officers are also very familiar with the rules of the road.  This often means that current and former police officers are cautious and try their best to be safe when driving or riding a motorcycle.


Unfortunately, no matter how careful someone is or how many efforts they make to avoid collisions, motorcycle accidents can still happen.

Motorcycle accidents routinely occur when drivers are careless and disobey the rules of the road- as one recent motorcycle crash involving a retired Albuquerque law enforcement officer demonstrates.

Motorcycle Accidents Can Affect Anyone

Albuquerque Journal reported recently on this tragic accident. The 53-year-old victim was riding her motorcycle near Español when a truck pulled out in front of her, and she was fatally injured in the crash. A friend described her as someone who "loved law enforcement" and who was "very patriotic."

The truck's passenger-side window was broken in the accident. The truck driver did not stop at the crash scene, although state law requires drivers to stop after collisions in which injuries or fatalities occur.  Police are looking for the driver and seeking information about the truck, which was believed to be a newer model silver or gray Chevrolet or GMC truck.

Unfortunately, while an investigation is still under way, preliminary reports suggest the motorcycle rider was likely obeying all appropriate rules of the road and still lost her life. Drivers frequently fail to respect the rights of motorcycle riders and may cut them off, as happened in this case, or may tailgate them or not provide them with enough space to be safe.

Drivers need to try to do their part to keep motorcycle riders safe, especially as Governors' Highway Safety Association warned motorcyclist deaths surged between 2014 and 2015 and were expected to remain high in 2016.

Giving motorcyclists the respect they deserve is a good way to start. Drivers should yield when required by law, as it can be a big problem when drivers fail to accurately judge the speed at which a motorcycle is traveling.  Drivers should also be sure they are sober, not distracted, and paying careful attention to the road at all times. A driver who is drowsy is also a risk to motorcycle riders, as a fatigued driver is impaired in similar ways to someone who is drunk behind the wheel.

Motorcycles are smaller than passenger cars and can be harder to see in mirrors, so drivers should be on the lookout- especially during the summer months when there are likely to be more motorcyclists out riding and enjoying the weather.

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