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Albuquerque Speed Cameras Cite Thousands in First Few Weeks

Speeding in New Mexico
Speeding has made some residents feel unsafe in their neighborhoods.

It's only been a few weeks, but Albuquerque's new speed cameras have caught thousands of traffic law violators.

The city installed three new speed cameras on Gibson and Montgomery in late May to reduce speeding. Several weeks later, the equipment had issued more than 2,500 speeding violations. This is more than twice the number of citations the Albuquerque Police Department issues in a typical month.

Typically, drivers were fined $100 or required to do community service.

Speeding increases fatal car accidents.

The installment of Albuquerque's new speed cameras coincides with a historic spike in fatal car accidents. Nearly 43,000 people died on U.S. roadways last year - a 16-year high for the U.S.

Drivers speeding - going over the speed limit or moving too fast for present conditions - contributed to the recent spike in car accidents. About one-third of last year's fatal crashes involved speeding.

Speeding is also a major issue in Albuquerque. The problem is particularly pronounced in the Lead-Coal corridor. Residents have been calling for roadway safety improvements for years, and speeding is the most significant contributing factor to the area's high crash rate.

Lead-Coal corridor

An independent analysis of the Lead and Coal corridor gave the area an "F" in safety, citing risks of severe and frequent car accidents due to speeding—the area averages about 400 car accidents per year. There were at least two fatal car accidents on Lead-Coal last year.

Speed cameras were added to the Lead and Coal corridor and one along Unser in June. Further actions under consideration in Albuquerque include lowering the speed limit and turning two-way streets into one-way roads to avoid collisions.

Also, the APD recently created an Aggressive Driving Unit of two detectives that follow up on reports of road rage and hit and run crashes.

Albuquerque speed camera data

Speed camera data provides a glimpse into the daily risks faced by other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. This information may help city officials plan new safety initiatives in the future.

The following is information collected from the city's speed cameras - how many vehicles were cited for speeding and what top speed was recorded.

  • Lead Avenue (30 mph speed limit) - Cameras caught 557 drivers going 11 mph or more over the speed limit. The top speed recorded was 70 mph.
  • Coal Avenue (30 mph) - Drivers caught: 73. Top speed 77 mph.
  • Montgomery Boulevard (35-40 mph) - Drivers caught: 14,500. Top speed: 130 mph.
  • Gibson Boulevard (35-45 mph) - Drivers caught: 95,000. Top speed: 119 mph.

Keep in mind that the faster a vehicle is moving, the more likely it is that the driver will lose control of the vehicle and cause a car accident. High-speed crashes often result in severe injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, burns, paralysis, spinal cord damage, and more.

Crash victims have recourse through the civil justice system, but insurance companies always try to avoid paying full compensation for the damages suffered. That's when having experienced legal representation can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

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