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Staying Safe from New Mexico Rear-End Accidents

New Mexico auto accident attorneyCBS DFW reported recently that New Mexico State Police had announced the death of two motorists on Interstate 40. The motorists died in an accident which occurred when their vehicle rear-ended a truck which had slowed down to exit the interstate going west. The motorists first struck the truck, and then were themselves rear-ended by another vehicle which was on the road. The driver and passenger who were killed after rear-ending a truck were 24 and 25 years old.

Tips for Avoiding New Mexico Rear-End Accidents

In this particular tragic incident, the cause of the rear-end accident is still being investigated. It is not believed conditions of the road, alcohol, or weather were factors in causing the crash.

Drunk driving, slippery conditions, conditions with bad visibility and poorly designed roads are all possible reasons why rear-end accidents happen, even if they weren't the problems in this particular accident.

There are many other reasons why drivers may strike the car in front of their own vehicle and cause a crash to occur. Rear-end accidents could be caused by:

  • Drivers who do not pay enough attention. When drivers are distracted, they might not see a car in front of their own vehicle when it stops or slows down. Using cell phones and infotainment systems can all contribute to distraction causing an accident. Hands-free devices aren't actually safer for drivers either, because these can create a cognitive distraction which leads to inattentional blindness (not seeing something that is plain sight). Drivers who want to avoid getting into rear-end accidents need to make sure they are paying careful attention at all times.
  • Drivers who tailgate. Tailgating means following too closely. Leaving anything less than around a three- to four-second following distance can mean you won't have time to react if the car in front of your vehicle does something like stops short or slows down. To determine if you've left enough space, pay attention to how much time goes by from when the front car passes a fixed object to when you pass it. The number of seconds is the following distance between your car and the front car.
  • Drivers who speed. Speeding can mean your car has more momentum, which means it is going to take longer for the brakes to cause the vehicle to come to a stop. If you are going too fast, the longer stopping distance can significantly increase the chances you will end up hitting a car in front of you, especially if the car in front slows down or has to stop short for any reason.

You do not want to be one of the motorists who engages in unsafe behaviors and causes a crash. Motorists who cause rear-end accidents may be presumed negligent and their insurers could be liable for substantial losses.

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